Election Sunday Most Likely to Result in Another Merkel-Led Coalition Government

The German election on Sunday will almost certainly result in yet another Merkel-led coalition government, but the choice of her coalition partner could be interesting and focus is also on the result for the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD). Latest opinion poll gives Merkel a large lead over her rivals, but not sufficient votes to govern without a partner.

There is an outside chance that either Green Party or FDP will get sufficient votes to be an alternative coalition partner for Merkel, who has been heading a grand coalition with the rival SPD for the last four years, but there is also the chance of a three-party coalition with both Green Party and FDP.

A coalition with the smaller parties would not only make Merkel an even more dominant partner in the coalition, it would also prevent the AfD from becoming opposition leaders in the new parliament.

All other parties have ruled out a coalition with the right wing populists, but if the party becomes the third strongest force, as opinion polls suggest, it will be an opposition leader under another grand coalition government, and that usually means it will be part of or even head the important budgetary committee.

In any case, if the AfD becomes the third strongest party, it could give anti-European Union and anti-European Economic and Monetary Union forces in other countries a fresh boost after the set-back in the French Presidential election.

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